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We will explore, examine and expose core similarities among all Humans. By doing this we will identify the most important issues facing all of mankind today and create a Unity message to be spread across the world via the leaders in attendance, as they return to their communities.

This message will be a very important part of our purpose. These leaders, chosen because of their diversity and social influence over significant portions of the world population, will help to revolutionize the way individuals view their fellow Men and also the way they participate in the direction of their respective countries.

We will ascertain the most imperative missions concerning all citizens from every possible perspective. Once we can be clear on global priorities, as indicated by vote by true leaders who are in touch with their communities, we can begin to work toward resolving them, not just by ourselves, but with the active participation and support of the communities to which we return.

We will promote and publicize the best aspects of other cultures met during the Summit. Returning leaders will be encouraged to tell people about their experience at the Summit and what they have learned.

We will discover solutions for community problems based on the combined experience of other communities. As a group, the citizens of the world can have a major impact on even the biggest issues.

We will find ways to resolve conflicts through understanding and compassion. Representatives to the World Unity Summit will be invaluable negotiators and the natural choice when it comes to resolving disputes between different cultures.

We will strategize the future of this association and assign resources to the most important issues concerning all citizens of the world. We can only speculate as to what those issues will be, but in our diversity we will have unlimited resources.

One thing we will NOT do is rehash events of the past in order to assign blame or responsibility. This will be a positive and forward-thinking event where we will only consider where to go from here to make the world a better place for all.


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