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World Peace is Possible with a New Approach

As we look around today, one cannot deny that things are changing. While we still have struggle and strife, we also have great numbers of people actively working for the good of all. Whether it is through activist efforts with a grass roots political movement, running for political office, donating time and effort to helping others, or creating a business that has a positive impact, we now have more people working to make the world a better place than ever before.

We must seize on this moment in history as the time to unite the world and give the People more control to determine their future. Individuals all over the world are crying out for change and reform, but many feel helpless to accomplish much against a force that has gripped our planet for centuries. Instead of trying to make obviously dated and ineffective methods fit our needs for today, we must simply walk away from them and try a whole new approach. Today we, as a whole, have the technology, the resources, and the heartfelt desire to bring about true, lasting world peace.

In a world where we have made incredible scientific and technological progress, we still face many of the social problems that have plagued mankind from the beginning of time. We believe most of these problems are rooted only in lack of understanding and, as a result, compassion. Ruling bodies from the beginning of time have one thing in common; the special interests of their representatives often overshadow the needs of the people. In a global society, minority rule, even by vote, is not sufficient to properly govern and care for such large numbers of wildly diverse people.

We have all met people who come from vastly different cultures, perspectives, or walks of life. In most cases, especially when we meet people who are different in a social context, we can find ways to communicate and even see similarities we would not have expected. The power of individual interaction is strong and the bonds we make as individuals do not break easily.

It is time for the world to meet the world, face to face, one on one, and learn that the only differences we can't surmount are those we imposed upon ourselves. By gathering influential social leaders from around the world and creating bonds of understanding and kinship, we can open our arms to those we've never really had a chance to meet or understand before. We can create a global network of cooperation based not on economic motives, but on friendship and compassion.

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