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We strongly assert that Humans are the same at their core. We all want the same things. We all have the same hopes, dreams and fears for the future. There is no reason that we should not see each other as brothers and sisters, born from the same Source whatever one may call It. At the same time that we see greed, fighting and suffering, we see people from different cultures working together on all kinds of projects designed for the betterment of life, the planet, and Mankind. International cooperation is not impossible.

The problem, as we see it, is that common people of different lands are totally disconnected from one another and dependent on the powers that be (especially government, media and even religious denomination) for their understanding of other cultures. Many of the perceptions we see portrayed today are based on events from long ago, from a time when alternate interpretations were not encouraged if, in fact, they were even possible.

Today there is a greater need to understand events from all perspectives and to take the wants and needs of every side into consideration. It is only when one or more groups feel ignored, abused, or underrepresented that we have discontent and strife.

Inaccurate and negative perceptions can be removed when we meet each other face to face. By acknowledging our similarities, we can feel compassion and understanding. Global social interaction and cooperation, free from the weight of economic or political motives, is the next step in our evolution.

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