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Delegates to the Global Unity Summit for Peace and the Environment will be invited from every corner of the world, specializing in a wide range of fields including the environment, education, politics, communication, and humanitarian efforts. Ideal candidates will have a desire to expose the similarities among us and to work together to create new solutions to old problems. They will also have a certain amount of influence among common people and possess a desire to motivate them to take action for the benefit of all.

All individuals, groups or organizations of diverse nature, which have an interest in vindicating the rights of the common man, and hold dear a commitment to human development, social justice, sustainable environment and to live with total satisfaction of their basic necessities will be welcome.

Our Organization especially congratulates and summons social leaders who are pure expressions of the organizations they represent and young leaders who will hold the responsibility for the future generations that honor the twenty-first century.

Intolerance or an allegiance to special interests will not be accepted.


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