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The Global Unity Summit will strive to forge new global partnerships and encourage a more unified view of Humanity in general.

We will inspire common people to take action and make a positive impact on the world by taking up the causes that are most important to them and inviting them to participate on every level via their local leaders.

We will develop more effective channels of communication to facilitate understanding and cooperation among individuals and groups from different lands. With leaders in every country, we will have our own independent news source, reported from a respected perspective that is in touch with the common people, and the capability to transmit the truth to those beset with misinformation.

We will connect a true majority of the world's population in a sense of brotherhood and compassion.

We will prove, by the example and representation of the greatest social leaders of our time, that world peace and cooperation is indeed possible.

The ultimate goal of this body is to help Humanity move toward a more peaceful, more healthy, globally cooperative society. There are more than enough resources world wide for everyone to be able to live a life that is free from want and war. There aren't too many people who can stand idly by while their friend or neighbor is in need or being mistreated, and this is exactly how we need to view all residents of the world. When we are all looking out for each other and doing our best for all Men, we will also be supported and have a fundamentally better world.

Find out what Strategies we will use to achieve these goals.


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