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"Cathy Wagner is the genuine article - articulate, informed, professional, generous and on the money when it comes to providing top-notch advice for your business concerns. Cathy really cares about your business and it's success, not just how it relates to maintaining her own. She has given away more information in the time I've known her than some companies provide as part of their intial fee'd package and consistantly provides clear, accurate and valuable advice every time."

- Soni Pitts


Internet Business Articles by Cathy Wagner

Are You the Master of Your Domain?
Or, Who's Really in Control of Your Online Business?

A business web site owner who does not know how to access their web site files has given over control of their online business to someone else. Click to read vital information for every web site owner.

Grrr! Why Aren't I Making SALES?!
Step by step web site evaluation process shows you how to spot problems that could be limiting your sales. Knowledge is power! Once you know what's wrong, you can fix it!

Accomplish Difficult Tasks Easily
We've all got them, those difficult tasks we'd rather not do. They're not going away, but maybe they can be made easy enough to accomplish with a little know-how and cooperation.

Advertising Basics for Beginners
Most online business people have never even thought about writing ad copy before. Here are some important tips to keep in mind if you want to advertise effectively online.

How to Create a Great Signature File
Find out what a signature file is, why you need one, and get step by steps instructions to create one that works for you and your business.

Web Copy Do’s and Don’ts
On the Internet, your words are your most important sales tool. Here are some important tips that can mean the difference between success and failure.

Danger! Beware!
Protect yourself and your business by learning about appropriate email conduct. Believe it or not, many new online business people SPAM before they really even know what it is, and their business pays the price in the long term.

Here They Come! Are YOU Ready?
Gear up and get ready for a busy season! Check your search engine optimization, submit your site to search engines naturally, and find the most effective way to send mail to your list.


NOTE* All articles are freely available for reprint provided the resource box is included. For a complete list and links to all of Cathy Wagner's articles, please email here.