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"I spent a very profitable hour last Saturday, chatting with Cathy about why my Web site just doesn't "click" and what I can do about it. Cathy helped me realize that a partial makeover would help the site focus on items that would attract more attention and sell better.

"Thanks, Cathy, for helping me see what needs to be done. The few hours spent working on my site should pay off quickly -- and profitably!"

- Susan Ross Moore



"After hearing great things about Cathy’s work I approached her for some marketing ideas for my website. The first thing she did was a thorough assessment of my site and presented some practical ideas to make it work better for me. In her expedient way, she added some very well-written, powerful text and other site enhancements. I’m thrilled with the result. Cathy is a pleasure to work with, flexible, efficient, and creative in her thinking."

- Barb Desmarais



Limited Time Offer: Get a Free Web Site Consultation!

In this economy, many people are looking to the Internet for more ways to earn extra money and ONE STOP wants to help. For a limited time, you can send us your URL and get a thorough analysis of your search engine status, web site presentation and sales process all for free. Online business consultant, Cathy Wagner will let you know where your site stands, what you could be doing better and how to complete any project as affordably as possible. You can take this advice and make improvements on your own, or have us do it to save you time, money and frustration. Either way our goal is to help you to earn more with your Internet business.

Is Your Business Web Site Effective?

For the online business person, your web site is your most important sales tool. Aside from the ads you use to get people to visit, your site is the only link web surfers have to you and your product. Your business web site must explain the benefits of your products immediately and lead your prospects through the necessary steps toward a successful purchase. If your site is not appealing, compelling and functional, you will lose sales.

I've seen too many web business people knock themselves out trying to promote a site that just doesn't produce results. Many of these frustrated web site owners spend months (if not years!) making more and more changes in the hope of hitting on the right presentation that actually produces sales. The sad truth is, they rely on casual advice of friends and associates who may or may not have the time or skill to take the whole picture into account. This kind of haphazard approach can lead to mistakes that take them in the wrong direction.

Don't let this happen to you. Get a professional web site consultation to find out how your web site could be updated to improve your bottom line today.

Let online business expert, Cathy Wagner, focus her professional eye on your web site with emphasis on your sales process. She'll approach your site from the perspective of the buyer, evaluate the presentation of your main page, check your search engine optimization, review your order process and even click through to buy your product (if you wish) to test the functionality of your site and insure that your customers see exactly what you want them to.

Who is Cathy Wagner?

Cathy Wagner, owner of ONE STOP Internet Business Services, is a writer/author, webmaster and online business consultant. Her articles and business advice have been published all over the Internet. She's helped a wide variety of online business people sell their products and services more effectively. As you can see by the testimonials on this page and throughout this site, she has earned a reputation as an honest and knowledgable expert in her field who is truly committed to helping others. Feel free to contact those who have written testimonials for references.

Cathy Wagner - Online Business Consultant

How Much?

Cathy Wagner has always been committed to those who have the gumption to build an Internet business with little or no investment. It's a long hard road, but it can be done! And ONE STOP is living proof.

In keeping with her mission, she's priced her web site consulting services to be affordable. You pay only $75 to have an expert walk through your entire sales process and give it a thorough evaluation from start to finish. You'll receive recommendations, tips and expert advice you can use right away to improve the performance of your business web site immediately.

Please contact Cathy Wagner directly to schedule your web site consultation today!


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