Hello Enlightened People and those seeking enlightenment!

I am Gwenneth Morgan and while I do not claim to offer enlightenment, I am on a mission to encourage those who are aligned with the Light to speak up and be counted. I strongly believe our numbers have grown to a point where we are the majority in America and around the world. There is no longer any reason why we should feel helpless in our dreams for world peace, religious tolerance and an end to poverty. Now is the time to for us to make it happen.

Within these pages you will see that there are others who believe as you do. As you read articles, you will find yourself saying, "Yeah! That's right!" You'll find ways in which you can make your voice heard! You will also find links to other resources that will further demonstrate that the Light is overcoming the Dark in many ways, everyday. My fondest wish is that this site will provide hope and inspiration to those who have felt strange for so long. We're not strange. There are simply too many of us now to continue to believe that we are.

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